Sport lifestyle - Train wisely.

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  • Train wisely.


    Sport lifestyle - Train wisely

    Physical exercise gives a person a lot of advantages:

    As the exercises relieve daily stress, stress, boredom, and depression decreased. Regular exercise increases skin tone. When your body will require an increased amount of oxygen (for example, climbing stairs), you will not have problems if you are trained. Restored muscle tone, increasing strength, endurance, improves posture.

    Training allows the heart to work with less stress. Our self-esteem improves, because what we see in the mirror, like us more than ever before. Improve blood circulation and sleep. Becomes easier to control appetite, the digestion process is adjusted. In joints appear more flexibility and ease. Physical exercises help burn extra calories. As a rule, within 6 hours or more after exercise calorie combustion process occurs at 15% faster.

    How to start an exercise program?

    Starting to exercise, you should keep in mind the following: Before the start of exercise, requiring considerable effort, check with your doctor, especially if you have been inactive, you are overweight, you are older than 35 years and / or if you have medical problems.

    Choose a suitable exercise program. Think about where you will carry them out, what equipment you will need, whether you engage in a group or individually, will it be possible to do in bad weather, how much it will cost and, most importantly, whether it is you like.

    Gradually increase the load. Start with a small training intensity, frequency and duration, and then increase the pace for several weeks. There is a good rule of thumb: if you can not talk while you are exercising, it means that the load is too high.

    Need to warm up before exercise. Need to stretch muscles through exercise of special and / or distance for 5 minutes. After closure classes should gradually reduce the load for a further 5 minutes using the distance and / or stretching exercises of the muscles.

    Select the appropriate time and place for physical exercise. Make it a rule to do the exercises at the same time each day. At least 2 hours before the intensive training, requiring a lot of effort, you should not eat. If you are in the food, wait about 25 minutes before taken for the meal. To achieve good results, you should exercise at least 3 times a week for at least 20 minutes.

    Performing exercises, listen to your body. If the muscles or joints begin to ache, reduce the load. Usually there is no need to stop activity due to minor soreness. But you should know the signs warning of serious health problems. Do not dress too warm. In excessive sweating is not only not good, but it can even be dangerous.

    Read anything about fitness and exercise. Talk to someone who is regularly engaged in physical exercise and achieved good physical shape. The first step is not only the most difficult but also the most important. Four popular types of exercise:

    Jogging. It is a perfect type of training, if you want to improve your overall physical condition. With a corresponding gradual build load, even those who are not used to exercise, can easily move from walking and jogging alternated with walking to jogging. The efficiency is influenced by such factors as the correct posture, tempo runs, the number of lessons per week and proper equipment.

    Bicycle. Ride your bike in good company, in addition, is one of the modes of transport. Biking gives good load on leg muscles and can improve the cardiovascular system. If you are in the outdoors, it is important to take precautions, so be sure to wear a special helmet.

    To improve the state of the cardiovascular system of bicycle should do at least 3 times a week for 40-60 minutes. For regular exercise is good to use an exercise bike, which has a load controller. This is particularly useful because you can pedal while reading or watching TV. In addition, bad weather will not prevent your studies.

    Swimming. From ancient times, the sport is popular with those who suffer from diseases of the musculoskeletal system or obese, as the pressure on the musculoskeletal system is minimized. Swimming soothes and promotes healthy sleep. Swim a hundred meters is roughly the same as jogging 350 meters.

    Walking. This is the most popular form of physical activity. Regular practice of walking not only helps to lose weight but also help relax and relieve stress. There are other advantages: Doing walking can be done anywhere and at any time, free of charge. You do not need any tools, and you already know how to do it. That classes were as effective as possible, it is important to maintain the correct posture when walking.

    Catching up on walking, keep the following points:

    Do not lower your head
    Keep your back straight
    Socks put in front of him
    Stomach tighten
    Hands hanging freely at the sides
    Land on the heel, rolling the foot to the toe
    Walk in the shoes with shock-absorbing cushion, having support for the foot cvoda
    If breathing becomes difficult, then you are going too fast
    Do not compete with others - you are not at the races
    Walking should bring you pleasure



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