Sport lifestyle - Breathe freely.

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  • Breathe freely.


    Sport lifestyle - Breathe freely

    According to physiotherapists, many of the most popular breathing techniques have Chinese or Indian roots. Today, there are about 100 known species. Modern authors only to modify and adapt the everlasting system. Are you worried? Take a deep breath.

    With excitement, stress and emotional stress helps a simple way: a few deep breaths - compensate for the lack of oxygen, returned the ability to think logically. However, the danger is not only a lack of oxygen, but, oddly enough, carbon dioxide. It would seem, than its smaller the better ... But the fact that it is a potent stimulator of the respiratory centers, and promotes vasodilation. And the lack of it is just as dangerous as excess.

    Through the nose, as yoga.

    In Indian yoga breathing exercises called pranayama, as they allow to gain prana - life energy - and to manage it. From prana according to the philosophy of yogis depends on the state of the respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive and nervous systems, as well as mood and health.

    Breathing system of yoga - the deep and rare, no noise, certainly through the nose. Air entering the nose, moistened, warmed and cleaned, which does not occur when breathing mouth. In addition, when the nose breathing stimulates the nerve endings that are associated with the internal organs.

    Qigong: calm, not panic!

    It is an ancient Chinese healing technique. Gymnastics teaches the right to relax, calm down, breath control. All this has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, which regulates all the processes in the body. Good therapeutic effect is achieved with nervousness, asthenia, anemia, asthma, hypertension, diseases of the stomach and intestines. It is believed that this technique helps in infertility.

    Tszyanfey - for full fairies.

    Translated from Chinese means "lose fat." This gym is designed for those who want to get rid of extra pounds. One piece of exercise eliminates the feeling of hunger, the other is designed to relieve fatigue and regulation of metabolism. It is also believed that tszyanfey helps to distribute the load on the joints. The procedure yielded a positive effect on metabolic disorders, including diabetes mellitus type 2 and obesity.

    What you need to learn to breathe.

    Normal relationship between oxygen and carbon dioxide is provided by two processes in the lungs - ventilation and blood flow. When ventilation dominates the bloodstream, the body is removed more than you need, carbon dioxide - there is his lack and excess oxygen. Happened to you is this: take a walk through the woods and breathed oxygenated and clean air, you suddenly feel a headache, weakness, drowsiness? This is from an overabundance of oxygen.

    If the light is not enough ventilated in the blood increases the amount of carbon dioxide, and we feel bad again. Chronic same deviation from the norm in one way or another leads to poor health, fatigue, memory loss, and promotes the development of pulmonary vascular disease. Therefore, restoring and bringing back to normal, all these processes, it is possible to get rid of various diseases. For this and used breathing exercises. Consider the most popular ones.

    Attention, danger!

    Now our country is catching on breathing exercises called rebirthing (from the English. "Rebirth"). This psychotherapeutic technique that promises to disclose the subconscious and features of body and soul - until entering into a trance and levitation. In fact, it is a dangerous kind of self-hypnosis, where inhalation and exhalation are constructed so that there comes anoxia of the brain tissue. And the "levitation" is actually nothing more than a hallucination to hypoxia.

    No breathing techniques "for all diseases." For each specific disease, depending on your condition, age and comorbidities breathing exercises chosen individually. Competently to make an appointment can only physiotherapist.

    The Buteyko Method.

    All exercises are based on the conclusion that due to a deep breath in the body there is an overabundance of oxygen and lack of carbon dioxide. Consequently, there is a spasm of blood vessels, bronchi, leading to various diseases - asthma, angina and other diseases. Complex Buteyko teaches shallow breathing, resulting in increased amounts of carbon dioxide in the body.

    Initially, the emphasis was placed on asthma - a disease in which there is an attack of shortness of breath. Thanks to the special breathing exercises reduced tidal volume. The carbon dioxide level rises to normal, and prevented an attack. Now this breathing exercises used to treat not only asthma, allergies, bronchitis, but also hypertension, angina pectoris, vascular dystonia, gastritis, ulcers, headaches, some skin diseases. Facilitates contractions in pregnant women.

    Breathing Strelnikova.

    Initially, this method was designed for the treatment of diseases associated with loss of voice. Further experience has shown that exercises this helps in many diseases, including cardiovascular diseases. The method consists in the development of the so-called paradoxical breathing. Noisy short breath nose done on the movements that compress the chest. Exercises involve all parts of the body, and there is a general physiological stimulation of the body.

    Opinion of the expert.

    Senior researcher at the Department of respiratory diseases Russian Scientific Center for Restorative Medicine and Balneology Nina Nikoda:

    - I would not recommend to perform these techniques alone - only on the basis of clippings from a magazine or book. The fact that the breathing techniques are quite complex in implementation. You can misunderstand any exercise you do it wrong, and thus seriously harm your health.

    Like any therapeutic method that breathing exercises has its contraindications. Older people, pulmonary, cardiac patients - they have so exhausted and functional reserve of the body, so fashionable now breathing exercises can be unbearable burden on their heart and respiratory systems.


    What to pass inspection before proceeding to employment:

    Electrocardiogram (ECG);
    sample load;
    determination of the volume of the lungs;
    complete blood count (it is important to see blood oxygen saturation - see how much of erythrocytes and hemoglobin);
    If you suspect a problem with the cerebral circulation - do REO-EEG study and fundus;
    Asthma - Research on the profile; CHD - do echocardiography; diseases of the digestive system - a gastroscopy and ultrasound of the abdomen.

    In what diseases are useful breathing exercises:

    bronchopulmonary disease, sinusitis, rhinitis;
    bronchial asthma;
    cerebrovascular insufficiency, hypoxia;
    neuroses, especially with anxiety and fears;
    irritable and apathetic depression;
    different sex and sexual disorders, including to increase the time and the quality of sexual intercourse.

    When they should be approached with great caution:

    injuries of the head and spine;
    radiculitis and osteochondrosis;
    high blood, intracranial and intraocular pressure;
    stones in the liver, kidneys.

    It is impossible to independently engage in gymnastics for people with unstable mentality, serious diseases of the lungs and heart, for children up to 5 years.



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