Sport lifestyle - muscled at home.

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  • Muscles at home.


    Sport lifestyle - muscled at home

    Who wants to put himself in good physical shape today, all roads are open. Fitness centers, gyms, health clubs - all of these places will welcome with open arms the beginner. However, not everyone has the ability and desire to attend gyms. It is for these people to create a home weight training, allowing to build your own gym on a few square meters of housing.

    Deficient "Rod Olympic", "the weight-pound" together with rubber expanders and non-separable iron dumbbells - that's the whole meager arsenal for decades used by our fathers and grandfathers to improve physical conditions in the home. Today, thanks to strength training equipment "construction" of a beautiful and powerful body has become much more affordable, fast and pleasant procedure. Even a person with an income of "below average" can be built in this corner of the bedroom mini-gym.

    Heavy metal in free flight.

    Most affordable simulators involve the use during workouts so-called free weights. This enigmatic phrase familiar to all call dumbbells and barbell. From this training grow best muscles and increases strength. One exercise - for example, the bench press - you can simultaneously pump multiple muscle groups. However, he has its drawbacks. Most often injured just adherents of "heavy metal". In addition, the use of barbells and dumbbells involves heavy physical labor.

    The basis of such a simulator - a bench with a variable angle and rod racks. Its main purpose - the bench press. It is this exercise today is the most popular among the "bullies" of all stripes. To bench sometimes mounted rack biceps training and design for flexion-extension legs. When buying such a simulator should pay attention to the maximum permissible load for racks and benches, specified by the manufacturer.

    If you usually take the breast hundredweight, and do weigh about the same, not calculated on a weight bench underneath you will wobble, making it difficult to do the exercises. But at the crucial moment it can just fall apart. On the other hand, at a body weight of 50 kilos and modest working balance is quite possible to buy a lightweight bench. It costs cheaper, and takes less space. If you live in a tiny apartment, it is necessary to draw attention to the folding machine. Although it is not as stable as fixed, but after a workout it can be folded and put away in cupboards, freeing the family living space.

    In the store, before you buy the machine, it is necessary to lay down on a bench which you like, check whether it is convenient to shoot from different positions bar from the racks. If you want to squat with a barbell rack should be lifted high enough. The surface of the bench should not be too soft, but not overly tight. Otherwise, you will either sink into it, as in a feather bed or obzavedetes chronic hematomas on the blades. Prices for trainers in this class range from $ 100 per machine of Russian production to 900 y. e. power system for the professional level.

    In addition to the simulator itself will also need the vultures for the rod (30-200 dollars) and dumbbells (10-100 dollars). Typically, manufacturers make necks of both shells of the same diameter, so that they can cheat same pancakes. Standard "amateur" diameters vultures - 26 and 30 mm. Do not buy a set of different caliber. After some time you will have to increase the weight on the bar, to find the same unusual pancakes in stores you probably can not.

    When buying pancakes should pay attention to their coverage. The cheapest ($ 1-2 per kilogram) simply latex paint. But they can quickly get scratched and chipped through which will exude rust. More expensive pancakes - chrome (2-3 USD. Per kg) - have this drawback. Well, rubberized glands (3-10 USD. Per kg) have another very important advantage - they do not rattle and in unusual situations not so much spoil the furniture and flooring.

    Between the ropes and the blocks.

    Lesson on stack simulators are much nicer and safer. In these loads are moved in a certain direction by means of wires and blocks. They are ideal for beginners, women and people with health problems. If each exercise with free weights is a special technique, the violation of which is fraught with injuries, then stack the simulator to train a lot easier. Collaterals, moving on rails, not hurt you.

    Even if you complete the exercise did not have enough strength, enough to let go of the handle and the weight will come back to his place. Weight change is very easy - just rearrange the lock on the desired load. Things to stack load simulators strictly defined joints and muscle groups. If during a bench press or squats you're running almost the entire body, then with the blocks you "shake" just the right muscle or one of its parts.

    Therefore, spine, even repeatedly twisted during the years of sitting on a computer keyboard, do not become an obstacle to the construction of a relief chest, and the chronic arthritis of the ankle does not hurt how to pump the thigh. Giant muscles on such a simulator you do not pump up, but put himself in good physical shape and be able to drive away the excess weight.

    Home stack simulator as opposed to a professional is usually designed to perform a few exercises for different muscle groups. For this they are called multi-functional or multistation. In the most advanced units the number of handles, beams and supports passes for a dozen. Torture themselves they can almost all imaginable and unimaginable ways. Reduction of the legs while sitting, multiposition bench pressing on, pull the crossbar behind her head - just a few of the exercises that are available to owners of the household sector.

    Especially low-end models are deprived of exotic options, but how to load the body they also under force. Some units, in addition to the ropes and blocks, equipped with devices already familiar to us to work out with free weights. They are suitable even advanced bodybuilders. Shock loading muscles barbell, you can "finish" the lagging parts of the body more humane - isolated - exercise on the block.

    With a choice of stack simulator should not rush. Vending stands as a model should look, study characteristics, try to do everything possible exercises. The most unpleasant surprise, which can trap you - too light weights. If the maximum load you can lift at least two or three times, this machine is not for you. Another object for attention - blocks. Cables they should move on the bearings. This design provides a smooth ride, almost no noise issues and keeps intact the ropes.

    By the way, the cargo, climbing frail wire, capable of playing a cruel joke with you. Concussion - one of the most common "Kachkovskii" injury - occurs because of weak or worn cables. During the End of the upper block of the head comes off the goods, and the crossbar is released from the bow an arrow flying straight to the crown. Therefore, the strength of all cables must comply with the weight of weights. Well, in the course of their operation should be periodically examined for damage and if necessary replaced immediately.

    Prices stack simulators acceptable quality start at $ 400 for a simple machine. A top model, which can simultaneously deal with the whole family, going through the roof for $ 3,000.

    Rod himself.

    Another group home strength training equipment is not intended to work with weights. Load them created by the trainee's own weight. The most popular among these simulators uses for bench press (50-300 dollars). Modern models fit into the budget of most wealthy family, take up little space and allow a short time to turn malosimpatichnye saggy belly in tight stomach.

    With the help of multi-resistant (150-700 dollars), consisting of a horizontal bar, handles Push-in hanging position and arrangements for lifting the legs, you can work out not only the press but also the back, chest, arms. So you significantly improve your posture, relieve stress after work and bring, in a state of heightened muscle tone. But noticeable muscle growth expected from such an exercise is not necessary.



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