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  • Beautiful start to a beautiful figure.


    People involved in fitness, because they want to be beautiful and healthy. Not only in the result, but also during the exercise. The latter contributes a very comfortable outfit. Prototype sportswear was the underwear. In the 70s of the last century in Germany were first lovers jogging in city squares.

    The most acceptable (both in terms of convenience and for public morality) clothes were knitted woolen pants breeches shirt. However, painted in darker colors. After World War tracksuit bought some charm: narrow sweater with turtle neck and wide flannel trousers became sheathe decorative elements in the form of slips and emblems.

    But bathing suit, on the contrary, developed from complex to simple. Fluffy dress, especially made for swimming, gradually (very slowly) is shortened, reduced the number of ruches and frills. In the early twentieth century, a scandal erupted Australian swimmer Annette Kellerman, who appeared in public in a bathing suit, opening ... hip.

    Today, a healthy lifestyle can make more beautiful and comfortable. The creators of sportswear, naturally, do not stay away from the main fashion trends. Especially notable fashion trends in clothing for predominantly "female" occupations - fitness, improving aerobics. The spectrum of such clothing (and accessories to it) is very wide - it's swimwear, tops, leggings, headbands, wristbands, socks. For those wishing to seriously correct shape - belts and slimming shorts, suits sauna.

    Clothing for aerobics - special: it needs to breathe, pass moisture. Stitches in her only flat, linen, and it is constructed so that nothing touched the skin during movement. Binding elastic fabrics: they do not only emphasize the harmony of shapes, but also provide support to the muscles, reducing the risk of sprains.

    Now in vogue are combined two popular styles - underwear (when clothing mimics underwear), and so on. N. male, somewhat aggressive. Strongly influence urban youth fashion: fitness a few years ago, there were wide-legged trousers with low waist and pockets. However, a hit remain shortened narrow trousers, leggings or shorts. Gradually recede into the past leotards - swimsuits with a high waist. Still popular tops, especially with a blind cut-throat and open shoulder.

    Clothing recent seasons characterized by a large number of slots, perforating, asymmetrical cut, hoods. Quite unexpectedly appeared in the classic aerobics dress, skirt and then with the smell. Ostromodnye things can be seen in the collections of the major manufacturers of sportswear - Adidas, Nike. Advocates of high-tech, supporters of functionality and convenience are the Italian company Benetton Sportsystem, American firms Columbia, North Face, Eider and French ELLE, and others. For collections of these firms are characterized by asceticism lines and asymmetrical details.

    General attention to environmental impact and sportswear - today its allure simple silhouettes and close to natural materials. "Environmental" costume for aerobics should be soft and comfortable, as easy as possible, with unobtrusive colors. Preferred sets, rather than individual items. The leader of the naturalistic trend in sportswear can be called a Finnish company Rukka.

    At the head of the world production of swimwear - Swiss firm Arena and English Speedo. Speedo is known for the revolutionary developments in the field of technology fabrics and tailoring - with conservative design models (wide straps, often neckline, zip). All models are computer testing because they must not only maximize a tight fit figure, but also a great slide into the water. Arena should be the latest fashion trends: emphasizing the silhouette, traditional boning models pitted coquette and cups, contrasting trim.

    So, you have to make two choices: First, select the type of aerobics and, secondly, the proper clothes for him. If you want to lose weight quickly and always be in good shape, you can do dance aerobics from Jane Fonda. This workout at a fast pace, with activation of the hands and body, complex movements of the legs. Most suitable clothes for this aerobics experts believe free or narrow, long pants and a top or shirt. To warm up, and after school, you can throw a comfortable jacket with a zipper.

    Many collection of classic aerobics offer models in which nicely appear anywhere - and a walk, and a nightclub. For example, Carushka (USA), offers stylish shirts and pants that mimic the skin of reptiles, or the original, emphasizing feminine tops in the Spanish spirit. The composition of the tissue (Coolmax and nylon) makes the clothes suitable for the most intensive training. If your goal - prevention of arthritis and osteoporosis or intense fat burning - should refer to the step aerobics. It invented 10 years ago, a famous fitness instructor Jean Miller.

    This dance class, which uses a special platform with adjustable height. The intensity of the load can be increased by using light dumbbells or ankle weights. Load in one class is identical to the one that takes the person 80 times climbing (running!) On the 16th floor. Step Aerobics beautifully enhances the shape of drumsticks, thighs and buttocks. Perfect clothes for her classes - short shorts, leggings 04.03 or knee-length top (good supporting breast) or yunitard - trendy jumpsuit with narrow elastic shorts.

    Aqua Aerobics - work for full and shy, but also for expectant mothers and fans of water. Water creates additional resistance and does not injure the joints and muscles (by the way, after playing in the water, they never hurt). The program included training exercises for flexibility and stretching, jogging and walking, jumps, spins, dance steps. For aqua-aerobics need comfortable swimsuit, cap, and special equipment - fins, boards, hoops, weights for the wrists and ankles. Physically fit people can try the pampas - the power aerobics with a mini-bar in weight from 2 to 20 kg.

    Here, instead of dance elements - different presses, bending and squatting. Best clothes - slacks, a tie belt and top. These stylish, aggressive collection of cotton is, for example, the American company Marika. Another handy option - thin leggings and a short T-shirt or a small top. The most interesting pattern camouflage colors from Carushka. (In such clothes certainly feel the energy of GI Jane.)

    Those who want to strengthen the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, muscles (especially the inner and outer thighs) and joints, it is recommended slide. This exercise on a sliding board with two flanges resembling motion skater, skier or a skater. Clothing should be elastic. The preferred leggings and a T-shirt, yunitard or short leggings and a swimsuit. Sneakers to wear special socks (this is practiced among climbers) of durable Kevlar material with antimicrobial impregnation.

    Yoga aerobics, perhaps the most currently fashionable in the West lifestyle. It combines static and dynamic postures, asanas, breathing exercises. Clothing is a form of aerobics - comfortable, pleasant to the touch, neutral colors: loose pants or shorts and top. Showing cotton fabrics - delicate, soft, fluffy (eg, dressing). Great for travelers who want to strengthen the muscles of the arms, legs, buttocks and abdomen, is spinning (saykl Reebok) - the newest style of aerobic exercise.

    It's a fun, dynamic training on exercise bike, combined with watching a movie. Displayed on the screen line (ascent or descent from the mountain) determines the intensity of stress. Dress Style: short stretch leggings, top, tight-fitting jacket. Special collections have ELLE, Nike and others. For those who want to engage the whole family, you can suggest the resist-bol. This fun aerobics with huge multi-colored beach balls helps to develop coordination, correct posture, strengthen the heart and blood vessels.

    Lesson resist-Bol can be tight-fitting clothing, picks up moisture well: narrow trousers of any length, t-shirts and t-shirts. But the main thing - and the type of training and racing odezhka should approach you and make you happy. What do you prefer? Choose. Help for buyers, leading a healthy lifestyle Material Specifications Action Supplex 100% nylon fiber, feels like cotton. Provides active ventilation: absorbs moisture from the skin and brings it out.

    Coolmax material of 4-channel fiber Dakron. Good support muscles, hygroscopic - completely dry for half an hour. Cotton / Lycra combination of organic cotton (88%) with an elastomeric fiber from DuPont (12%). Helps support muscles while you exercise, reduces the risk of sprains. DIWO two-layer material: microfiber and cotton with lycra. Allows you to keep the skin dry for any physical activity. The body temperature remains constant, so there is no risk of hypothermia.

    Tactel micro polyamide fabric: very soft, durable, able to stretch much. Prevents the blowing and getting wet. Tactel HT most wear-resistant material, the lightest of all polyamide fabrics not give Meryl Microfiber wet fiber-based polyamide. Feels like silk.

    Absorbs moisture from the skin and brings it out. Dries very quickly Sensitive Very thin (2 times thinner than conventional polyamide fabrics) polyamide material, "second skin." Highly elastic. Is resistant to chlorine, so irreplaceable in the pools. Amicor * plus acrylic fabric (100%), with antibacterial impregnation prevents odors.



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