Sports - Badminton.

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    Sports - Badminton

    Badminton (badminton - from the name of the English town of Badminton) - a sports game with a feathered ball (shuttlecock) and the racket. The essence of the game is to land the shuttle on the side of the enemy and prevent it from falling on its side. Play over the net stretched at a height of 1.55 m. International Badminton Federation (IBF) was founded in 1934, brings together 147 national federations (2002). In the program of the Olympic Games since 1992 raffled 4 sets of medals in singles and doubles for men and women; 1996 further includes a mixed category.

    Discipline badminton

    - Doubles men;
    - Doubles women;
    - Doubles mixed;
    - Singles women;
    - Singles men.

    The history of badminton.

    Modern sport Badminton originates from the Indian game "pune." It played in ancient Greece, China, India and Japan. In the 14th century. Japanese played derevyannpmi racket shuttlecock made from feathered cherry fruit. Took a cherry, was inserted into it five or six goose feathers and zasushivat the sun. In medieval England until the late 16th century. such a game played peasants. By the 17th century. it has become entertainment privileged strata in Europe. Rules of the game were very simple: two players fought off shuttlecock two bits to each other without letting it fall.

    Beginning of the modern badminton is considered to be 1872 This year the Duke of Beaufort had brought from India racket and ball with feathers in his estate in Gloucestershire Badminton (hence the name). First game with flounce showed a group of officers of the British colonial troops. At the same time the first rules were drawn badminton, did it too British. A year later, on the basis of badminton, a new game - tennis. In 1887 in England created the first badminton club, and in 1893 founded the world's first Badminton Association.

    Field sizes were significantly different depending on what area the game takes place. Was the most popular in the court Gvipforde, its dimensions are 44 × 20 feet, or 13,4012 × 6,096 m. These dimensions are included in the rules, which were published Badminton Club in 1887 (size of modern sites for singles and doubles games, respectively, 13, 4 × 5,2 mi 13,4 × 6,1 m). By the way, the ball pen is the second largest (first - ball beggars F) of balls for fast spine flight. Top badminton shuttlecock modernity give speed of 256 km / h.

    Very soon badminton head of al s popularity. Began production of flounces. The first patent for their manufacture was issued in England in 1898, a certain Miss Ann Jackson. By 1900, badminton become more athletic. However, fans of the sport competed in the ordinary, everyday clothes. One day while playing one of the participants took a tailcoat, and since then, athletes have to use a tennis costume.

    In 1905, the British Federation approved the rules of the game of badminton. In Wimbledon was played out each year Open Championship England Badminton. Game poluchipa spread not only in England, but also in its many colonies. Most countries that have formed on July 5, 1934. International Badminton Federation (IBF), part of the former British Empire.

    IBP holds competitions, the main ones being the Thomas Cup (named after the former president of IBP) of the national men's teams and the Cup have edges (named after the well-known activist IBP) of the national women's teams. Men's teams will play 9 games: the first room playing with pervp \ *, and the second - with the latter; first - with the second, the third - with the third, and so on. d. two pairs from each team play against each other. The program of meetings of women's teams differs only in that the first room did not play with the latter. Thus, rozygrppe Cup teams will have edges between a Game 7.

    Thomas Cup and played from 1948 once in three years. Preliminary games are held in four zones: American, Austria scarlet-Asian, Asian and European. Winners zones meet each other in a tournament that determines the challenger for the title of winner. He meets with the previous owner of this honorable trophy. Cup competitions have edges held since 1956 and every three years.

    In 1967 established the European Badminton Federation. Since 1968, every two years, played a personal, and since 1972 - and the European Team Championship, and in team matches national teams spend 5 Games: men's singles, women's singles, men's steam room, steam room and steam mixed female. In 1969 for the first time by a similar formula was drawn Youth European Championship.

    The International Federation also conducts a number of official individual tournaments. Until recently, the most important of these was the open championship of the United Kingdom, is considered the unofficial world championship (the first time this championship was held in 1899). The first official world championship was held in 1977 and in Malmo (Sweden). In recent years, the strongest players in the world are the athletes of Denmark, Indonesia, UK, Malaysia, Sweden, Japan, and China.

    In 1992 at the Barcelona Olympics badminton was included in the Olympic program. Razp-rtaetsya 4 sets of medals in singles and doubles for men and women. Since 1996 further includes a mixed category. At the Olympic Games in Sydney (2000) in the four digits of the five Chinese athletes won, which traditionally are the favorites in the sport.

    European Championship 2002 was held in Sweden (Malmo). In four of the five nominations in the lead Danes. In the men's singles victory over his countryman Kenneth And ONAT hay won Peter Rasmus September. Another Dane, Jena Eric ene was the best in a man (Martin-Hansen A undgaardom) and mixed couples (with Matty Sholdager).

    In the competition among women in the first place from the Netherlands fought sporstmenki: indoneziyka Mia Audina-Tiptavan and Ji Chinese girl I'm talking about. The bout ended with the victory of the latter. The best in the women's doubles became Danish Jane Brahms ene and Ann L from Jorgensen.



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