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  • Classification of martial arts.


    Attempt to classify martial arts, which crossed the national borders and are popular not in one but in several countries.

    Vietnamese martial arts have become known in the world thanks to the first French colonialists and then as a result of several waves of emigration from the state of war and, later, communist Vietnam. In 1973 was founded the French Federation Vetvodao-Vovinam, based on which in 1980 emerged the relevant International Federation. Its founders were mostly old master Vietnamese immigrants. In 1987 he formed the International Federation of In-Vietnam, a rival to its predecessor for political reasons and denying any kind of cooperation with the communist authorities in Vietnam.

    For South-East and South Asia is characterized by fighting systems using a wide arsenal of techniques legs. The greatest international fame acquired Thai boxing muay thai, developing in a number of professional leagues, and Indonesian Pencak Silat. Today, they are purely sporting functions, although their technique quite dangerous and violent, with serious injuries to students.

    To some extent the Thai and Indonesian combat system reminds Savate French boxing, but it is mainly distributed in Europe and North Africa. In the International Federation of French boxing - savate (IFFBS) consists mainly of countries from these regions. But the European and World Championships in recent years show that dominate in these tournaments athletes France and Russia.

    If Muay Thai and Savate developed in parallel ways, kickboxing is a system of martial arts that combines eastern and western traditions: punching and kicking techniques include English and French boxing, as well as the American full-contact karate. Of the oriental martial arts came to kickboxing kicks, throws and sweeps. Indicator of the degree of mastering the basic techniques are formal exercises, similar in form to the kata in karate or in Wushu Taolu.

    Coordinates the movement of kickboxers worldwide WAKO - World Association of Kickboxing Organizations. It is the combination of eastern and western training methods can make the most promising system kickboxing martial arts. To do this, you must assimilate the best of the methodological, technical, spiritual and philosophical systems of preparations that exist in the various systems of martial arts.

    At the root and kickboxing, and the American full-contact karate was created by the manager of the New York A. Banks International Federation of Professional Karate, organized the first World Championship of the best masters, in which all the fights were held in full contact. This tournament was held in September 1974 in Los Angeles, and the winners in four weight categories were Mexican Americans and I. Duenas J. Luis J. Smith., And B. Wallace. Although the name "kickboxing" appeared in the early 70s, it did not mean an independent sport under that name implies a type of contact karate.

    First pan-European tournaments of all styles of karate were held in 1974 and 1975 in West Berlin, took part in them not only European but also American professionals. Carrying matches according to the rules of full contact dramatically increased European interest in mind for their new hard fighting. As part of the tournaments held Match intercontinental meeting Europe-USA.

    In 1976, Paris hosted the first tournament of the Europe-North America with the best artists - World Professional Champions B. and J. Wallace. Smith (USA), such European luminaries as D. Valera (France) and H. Kallenbach (The Netherlands). Won by an American team.

    In February 1977, was founded by WAKO (World Karate Organization all styles), in which were held the first European Championships (1977) and the first world championship (1978) in a full-contact. Subsequently been held and championships with limited contact, ie semi-contact. In Europe in the late 70's - early 80's was dominated by athletes of Germany, and in the world - of the United States.

    By the early 80s, it became apparent that the fights in full-contact technique of classic English and French Boxing Boxing prevails over technique hands karate. This has resulted in the renaming of WAKO World Amateur Kickboxing Organisation (abbreviation unchanged) and the constitution of kickboxing as an independent sport. The first European Championship in kickboxing held in 1984 in Graz (Austria).

    In summary, we can say that of a large number of martial arts stands out direction, originating from the Chinese martial arts (wushu), the hallmark of which is the presence in the practice of the two disciplines: racing duel with a real enemy, greatly limited the scope of the rules, and complexes all fighting techniques peculiar to this school of martial arts, and simulate battle with imaginary opponents.

    Thus, the direction may be referred to as sports and martial arts.



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