Sports - Cricket.

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    Sports - Cricket

    Cricket - a sport that uses bat and ball, in Russia it is often confused with croquet. Cricket is the most popular in India, Australia, England, Pakistan, South Africa, New Zealand and Sri Lanka.

    Basic rules.

    The game is played between two teams of 11 players each. The goal - to earn more points (runs) than the opposing team. A match consists of one or more sections, each of which is called inningz (innings). Each innigze a team beats, the other takes one time.

    Cricket is usually played on grass. Golf is a cricket oval in the center of which is a strip of land 22 yards in length (20.12 meters), called the pitch (pitch).

    At each end of the pitch stuck in the ground three columns, on top of which are based on two small wooden crossbar. This design is called viket (wicket). Each viketa with bats in the hands of the players are kicking team. A player of the serving team, called the bowler throws the ball, being close to one of viketov, towards the other, while trying to get into viket. Kicking team player standing next to viketom, trying to protect viket using bat.

    If the kicker hits the ball, he can run to the opposite viketu. Player who is standing at the other viketa runs toward him, trying to take the place hitter. Each point earns jogging kicking team. The serving team is trying to catch the ball and return it to one of viketov. If the ball hit the viket, at a time when at least one of the traveling players is between viketami (behind the line), then the player is running out of the game, and his place is taken by another player kicking team. The striker is out of the game as if he could not defend his viket from the ball at the time the ball was caught or gave the command, before he hit the ground.

    When 10 players kicking team out of the game, the teams swapped. If both teams otpodavali once, inningz ends. Cricket match usually consists of one or two inningzov. Team with the most runs at the end of the game is declared the winner. If the time allotted for the match came before he could finish, it is declared a draw.


    Each team consists of 11 players. In a well-balanced team will play 4-5 bowlers (players specializing in the innings) and 5-6 betsmenov (batsman), specializing in hitting the ball bat. The most valuable players - universal - those who are well fed and well otbvivayut. Each team has one specialized player called viket-keeper (wicket-keeper). Its mission is to catch the ball served, missed hitting, and try to hit the ball viket if the kicker was the line.


    Each inningz consists of overs (overs). Over comprises 6 feeds fed by one and the same bowler. The same bowler does not have the right to file two consecutive Auvers. During one overa bowler delivers the one hand pitch. Next bowler delivers his overpair on the other side of the pitch.


    To earn his team a point, both players attacking team must run to the other viketu and touch the ground behind the line of bat or any part of the body. Sometimes a good kick of the ball allows the offensive team's earnings more points if the players have time to run from viketa viketu more than once. If the ball bounced out of bounds, the offensive team gets 4 points.

    If the ball is at the same time flew out of bounds without touching the ground, then the attacking team earns 6 points. Points can be assigned in the event of violations or incorrectly filed innings. The first two players in the offensive team usually are the most hard-hitting and gaining the most points.

    Excretion hitter of the game.

    The striker can beat and earn points as long as it is not out of the game. To sideline the striker can do one of the following ways: Catch the ball in years. Shoot down viket feeding. Ball flying into viket misses the leg hitter. Viket hit by the ball when the batter runs between viketami. Batsman accidentally or specifically crossed the line after the filing, and viket-keeper knocked viket.



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