Sports - Football.

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    Sports - Football

    Football (English. Football, «foot ball") - a team sport in which the aim is to hit the ball to the opponent's net more times. Currently, the most popular and popular sport in the world. In North America and Australia, known as Soccer (English. Soccer).

    The history of football.

    Main article: History of football. Games similar to modern football existed for a long time in different nations, however, the first recorded rules written in 1848. The date of birth is considered to be football in 1863, when the first organized football federation and written rules similar to modern.

    Rules of the game.

    Main article: Rules of the game of football. The first rules were written as "the simplest rules of the game", since IFAB organization engaged in the development of rules seeks to preserve this principle and make football spectacular and safer. Modern rules consist of 17 points, fully describing what to do on the football field layout, to punish players for being rude. For compliance with the rules on the field during the game follows a team of arbitrators.


    Separate football game is called - a match which in turn consists of two halves of 45 minutes. Between the first and second half, the team changed the gate. Football is played on a field with grass or synthetic turf. The game involves two teams of 11 people. One person in the team goalkeeper - he can play a hand in the penalty area at the gate, his main task is to protect the goal.

    The other players also have their tasks and positions on the field. Defenders - located mainly in their own half of their task is not to give the attacker to act opposite team. Midfielders - operate in the middle of the field, their role - to help the defenders or attackers, depending on the game situation. Forwards - located at the gate of the opponent, the main task - to score goals.

    The goal - get the ball into the opponent's goal, to make it as a lot of times and try to prevent a goal into his own net. Match won by the team that scores more goals.

    Football in the world.

    Football submissive all ages. According to the FIFA 2001 soccer played on the planet about 250 million people. Of these, more than 20 million - are women. Registered about 1.5 million and 300,000 teams of professional clubs.

    The distribution of the countries in the first place the United States (about 18 million, of which 40% are women), followed by Indonesia (10 million), Mexico (7.4 million), China (7.2 million), Brazil (7 million), Germany (6.2 million), Bangladesh (5.2 million), Italy (4 million), Russia (3.8 million).


    Main article: Tactics in football. As the football team game, in the first place extends understanding of players, the ability to conduct competent joint action. Key to this is the construction of tactical players. Since the introduction of the game to this day developed various tactical schemes and techniques. Widely known Brazilian attacking schemes "double-ve" and 4-2-4, protective "Swiss Castle" and the Italian "catenaccio".


    There are a number of organizations engaged in the control, management and dissemination of football. The main result is FIFA, based in Zurich, Switzerland. It organizes international competitions world-wide, in particular the World Cup. Followed by continental organizations and across countries, regions and cities, and so on. D. Each include responsibility for organizing the relevant football competitions, monitor the activities of their member clubs, dissemination and popularization of football in the region.


    Football Club - the basic cell structure of the entire football. He is the link between the players, staff and organizations. In essence, this football team, a member of one of the organizations has certain infrastructure and staff.


    Football competitions, like in any other sport - an important part of the game. The competition is organized by a federation for each tournament is regulation, which generally determine the composition of the participants, the tournament circuit, the rules for determining the winner with equal points, and any deviations from the rules, such as the number of substitutions. Competitions are divided into domestic and international, which are in turn divided into the club and national teams.

    The most famous competitions are:

    Conducted by FIFA:

    World Championship
    Olympic Games

    Ongoing League:

    National teams
    European Championship
    UEFA Champions League
    UEFA Cup

    RAF conducted:

    Russian Championship
    Cup of Russia



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