Sports - Ice Hockey.

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  • Ice Hockey.


    Sports - Ice Hockey

    Ice hockey - a sports game, a subspecies of hockey. Is played on a special hockey rink by two teams of six players. Goal of the game - to score the puck into the opponent's net.


    The game of hockey at the University of McGill, Montreal, Canada, 1884. The history of ice hockey is one of the most contested of all sports. Traditionally considered to be the birthplace of hockey Montreal (although more recent studies suggest the primacy of Kingston, Ontario or Windsor, Nova Scotia). However, on some of the XVI century Dutch paintings depicted a lot of people playing on a frozen canal in like a hockey game. But despite this the birthplace of modern ice hockey is considered still in Canada.

    When in 1763 the UK recovered from the French Canada, the soldiers brought to this earth hockey. Because Canadian winters are very harsh and long, then this area is always welcomed winter sports. Attaching cutters to cheese to their boots English and French-speaking Canadians have played this game on the frozen rivers, lakes and other water bodies. In Nova Scotia and Virginia, there are ancient paintings showing people playing hockey.

    March 3, 1875 in Montreal hosted the first hockey game indoors, details of which were recorded in a Montreal newspaper «Montreal Gazette». In 1877, several students at McGill University Montreal invented the first seven ice hockey rules. After some time the game has become so popular that in 1883 was presented at the annual Montreal Winter Carnival.

    In 1888, Governor General of Canada, Sir Frederick Stanley, whose sons were hockey enthusiasts, attended the Carnival and was so impressed by the sight that he decided to establish a prize for the best team. Stanley Cup since become awarded the best amateur hockey team. Today, he is awarded to the winner of the playoffs of the National Hockey League, and is one of the most prestigious trophies in the world of sports. One of the sons of Lord Stanley contributed to the development of ice hockey in the UK and, as a consequence, the whole of Europe.

    Hockey field.


    Length: Minimum 56, maximum 61 m
    Width: at least 26, up to 30 m
    The corners shall be rounded in the arc of the circle a radius of 7 m to 8.5 m.


    The platform should be surrounded with plastic or wooden sides not less than 1.17 m and not more than 1.22 m above the ice surface. On the front sides of the platform to be installed protective glass.

    Equipment of players:

    protective equipment
    gloves (leggings)
    protection of the throat
    an upper mold

    Goalie equipment:

    Goalie equipment consists of:
    Goalkeeper stick
    Goalie skates
    Protective equipment
    Privacy throat

    The top form and helmets players of one team should be the same color. Sweaters players must be marked with a number and last name.


    The door must have the following dimensions:

    Height: 1.22 m above the ice surface
    Width of 1.83 m

    Side strut and crossbar connecting the side legs, must be of a certain design and manufactured from a material with an outer diameter of 5 cm.


    Washer shall be made of vulcanized rubber or other approved material and IIHF be substantially black color.

    Dimensions of the washer.

    Diameter: 7.62 cm
    Thickness: 2.54 cm
    Weight: 105-185 g

    The duration of the game.

    Match hockey consists of three periods of 20 minutes of pure time. In case of a draw at the end of three periods can assign additional time (overtime). The need for overtime, as well as its duration is specified separately in the official competition regulations.


    The match 20-25 players usually come from one team. The minimum and maximum number of players is determined by the rules of the tournament. At the same time on the field by a team must be six players - five of the field and one goalkeeper. May be replaced with a shot on the sixth field player. Players can change both in the pauses during a stoppage of play time, and directly in the course of the game. During the overtime at the site prisutsivuet five (goalkeeper and four field) players.


    Hockey. The referee in charge. Ice hockey match referees consisting of three or four judges. One of the judges (in the NHL these two arbitrators) is called the Chief Justice, the other two - linesmen. The duties of the chief judge is responsible for monitoring violations of the rules, the fixation score (goals). Linesmen are responsible for monitoring the provisions of the "offside" icing the puck, throw the puck.

    In addition to the judges in the field for every game there judging panel, located off-site. It is the responsibility of the judges included the taking of minutes of the game, stopped time. The duties of a judge at the gate enters signaling of downtrodden puck into the goal by incorporating a special lamp.


    In ice hockey, players are allowed to use the so-called power struggle (in the women's ice hockey power struggle is prohibited). Power struggle involves contact game, the game "in the housing body." However, not every game is allowed to contact. Prohibited steps, delay an opponent, hooking, high sticking game, punches, elbows and the like.

    The offending player is sent off for some time. Removing happens disciplinary (for 10 minutes or until the end of the match), when instead of the remote goes another player, or the usual (2 minutes, or - at least, in the case of injury - for 5 minutes), when the number of players on the court is reduced. The removal is considered to be on the net playing time. Remote player spends time on the removal of the penalty box. For some disorders (eg, the strength of the violation) shall be punished by the team as a whole, is serving a penalty in any of the players.

    If the foul occurred against a player released one-on-one with the goalkeeper, the chief judge may be assigned to the free throw (bullet). Free throw is performed by one fielder injured team against the goalkeeper of the offending team.



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