Sports - Thai boxing.

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  • Thai boxing.


    Sports - Thai boxing

    This is one of the most advanced types of martial arts planet voznikshihbolee two thousand years ago. As a martial martial art Muay Thai has become an integral part of Thai culture, absorbed the national and folk flavor of the Thai people, their religion and the spiritual world. March 17 is celebrated annually in Thailand as Muay Thai boxing day.

    "Meek as a lamb and fierce as a tiger" - this is the national character of the Thai people. And this is evident in Thai boxing. At the beginning of the battle going on Wai Kru ceremony: the men perform a ritual dance, performing soft and very interesting movement under smooth, melodious music, not giving in this professional dancers.

    Watching specific and beautiful ceremony can hardly believe that in a few minutes in the ring fighters will demonstrate superior technique melee during which deliver crushing blows with tremendous power and speed, not only with his fists, but his feet, elbows, knees, almost rivals attack any part of the body with each other. Muay Thai cchitaetsya one of the most spectacular martial arts and so true to its name "box eight-armed."


    Muay Thai is sometimes called "the battle with the help of the spirits." Ritual dance men (RAM MUAY) always precedes the match, he reminds shamanic dance of northern peoples or evocation, in which the soldier enters into a kind of trance, an altered state of consciousness.

    Combat is an integral part of the musical accompaniment of ritual dance and the fight itself. In the West, used recorded music. In Thailand, a competition is held to the accompaniment of live music, where the pace and tone of the music changes depending on events taking place in the ring thereby bringing spectators and participants in the battle in the overall effect.

    As you know, the rhythm frees the mind from the burden of formal logic, unfetters mind and leads it, as often happens at concerts rock music in a state of trance. In the history of all the peoples of these fights to the music - a relic of the days when men fought for the woman in the marriage fight. In Thailand, the most minute details of dance fans often determine the level of technique and even a fighter who wins.

    To imagine the fight Muay Thai boxer imagine that in addition to punches allowed kicking, knees, elbows, grappling, throws. Hitting knees when capturing an opponent's head in the clinch at all is "the hallmark of Thai boxing."

    Pros fight 5 rounds of 3 minutes with a 2 minute break between rounds, where the equipment is used only 8-untsovye boxing gloves, mouthpiece and groin strap. We are very big fans of limitations: Bouts 5 rounds of 2 minutes. (1 min - break), athletes necessarily wear protective gear on his head - helmet, vest on telomeres, elbows and shins - special soft tread and in the hands of 10-untsovye gloves

    Technique beats Muay Thai.

    Among all the shock of martial arts Muay Thai is considered the most rigid and devastating melee. "Elbow wins fist and foot-leg win" - is one of the principles of Muay Thai. It is in the clinch taybokser can realize the full impact-destructive arsenal of Muay Thai. About Thai boxing saying, "a weapon that is always with you."

    Elbowing one of the strongest and most dangerous attacks, due to the high speed and short way. It is comparable with the stroke of the sword, and usually leads to a split eyebrow, ear or other parts of the face, and the victory by TKO in Muay Thai as honorable as a victory by knockout, and speaks of the great dexterity fighter.

    Knee strikes are the most powerful and destructive part of the arsenal of Muay Thai and are used mainly in the melee. And when such attacks are carried out in a jump, these techniques are a powerful weapon that attacks the enemy from a distance. That knee becomes the main weapon in the fight tayboksera boxer. Indicator of the highest level of Muay Thai is considered applying a jump of two knee strikes and elbow.

    Kicks take the lion's share in the technical arsenal of Thai boxing. One of the principles of Muay Thai says: "Legs - a" heavy artillery ", which opens the way for" infantry "- hands." Tayboksery amaze everyone with his ability to strike or block them shin. Muay Thai fighters are known for the ability to "shoot" the enemy of the 10 series of kicks, applied to the head to the body and legs in any order and with increasing speed and force.

    This ability is achieved by quenching drum parts by striking the trunk of a banana tree as long as the trunk of the tree does not become soft and did not break. Now, this is done using solid boxing bags and special training legs. The Thai government, seeing the popularity of Thai boxing in the world, is doing everything possible to ensure that the sport came in first in the program of the Asian Games and then the Olympics. But it is very complicated and difficult path.

    In the world there are two amateur Muay Thai Federation, which meet European and World Championships, as well as a lot of federations and associations who developed earlier kickboxing, but seeing the growing popularity of Muay Thai and the opportunity to capitalize on this popularity, include it in their programs and spend as profboi and amateur competitions, calling Muay Thai - Thai-boxing.

    Unlike Muay Thai from Thai-boxing, has received in recent years the popularity and spread in Europe, is that in the European Tai-boxing is not mandatory Ram Muay ceremony and music Wai Khru, accompanying themselves, and also banned strikes elbow, and Some versions and knee to the head; discouraged long-term work in the clinch, forcing judges to modify the evaluation criteria of warfare.

    And it's been said almost another sport with its own rules. Unfortunately, these approaches contribute to the separation, not a merger of Muay Thai and prevent entry of Thai boxing in the Olympics.



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