Sports - Fencing.

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    Sports - Fencing

    Fencing (from it. Fechten) - combat sport. Fencing - a highly individual sport. Even in the team competition battles are conducted one-on-one. The battle between the two fencers on any kind of weapons carried on a special track, a width of 1.5 - 2 m and 14 m long, are made of an electrically conductive material which is isolated from the recording shots or striking the unit.

    Fight managed and evaluated by an arbitrator. Jabs and punches inflicted fencers registered lamps to the electrical apparatus. They are fixed on the basis of the electrical circuit through the arms of the fencer and his clothes that are associated with the device wired system. The arbitrator evaluates the punches and jabs, based on the testimony of the recording apparatus with the inclusion of rules in every battle as fencing. Fighting in the kinds of weapons have their own specific rules to be counted shots and hitting or declare them invalid.

    The following types of sport fencing, depending on the weapon you use:

    Fencing epee
    Fencing saber

    Rapier - piercing weapons, a length of 110 cm and weighing 500 grams, the hand is protected by a circular n? rdoy diameter of 12 cm. Men and women compete in foil in individual tournaments. Spring at the tip of the rapier needs a pressure of 500 grams, the device registers to the shot. Count only pricks inflicted to the body. Injections in the hands, feet and mask are invalid.

    Strikes the surface of the fencer closed metal jacket, a shot in which registered colored lamp on the unit. Shot in areas not covered with metal jacket, registered white lamp. Fight fencing foil formed on the basis of the historical development of bladed weapons. Martial arts has identified the need to stab and injure the enemy. At the same time it was important to avoid getting shot.

    Therefore, the main current rule specifies that the attack of the enemy must be reflected before initiated response. Priority action moves from one to the other fencer, and the advantage of the arbitrator determines. He takes action when registering injections are signaled on their application. Then, focusing on reading apparatus, the ref awards a prick or cancels. Then continues to fight.

    Fencing epee.

    Sword - piercing weapons, a length of 110 cm and weighing 770 grams, flexible steel blade trihedral section, the hand is protected by a circular hilt diameter of 13.5 cm. Fights with swords, men and women compete in separate tournaments. Tie needs to put pressure on it for at least 750 grams to enable the recording apparatus. Injections are applied to all parts of the athlete's body, except the neck. Weapons and fencing track isolated from the unit, and prick them is not recorded.

    In fencing epee there priority actions. The device detects only one shot, which suffered before another 0.04 seconds. At the same time inflicted injections mutually registered and awarded to both fencers. Only the last shots in the match in a tie need repetition.

    Fencing saber.

    Saber - cut-and-piercing weapons up to 105 cm, weight 500 g, flexible steel blade with oval hilt that protects the brush from the blows. Saber - the weapon of slashing and stabbing. Or thrusts are applied to all parts of the swordsman's body above the waist, including the hand (to the wrist) and the mask. Strikes the surface of the metal jacket is closed, while the mask is also in electrical contact with the jacket. Punch and prick fixed color lamp on the unit.

    Battle saber is very similar to fencing. The same basic rules for determining the winner in a fight where the attacker has the advantage over counterattacking at the same time inflicted blows, or injections. Fencing phrase develops from attack to parry and attempt applying the response priority actions transition from one to the other fencer. Unlike the rapier and dagger, in saber fencing forbidden "skrestnye step" (one foot ahead of the curve the other).



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