Sports - Sumo.

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  • Sumo.


    Sports - Sumo

    Sumo - the kind of fight in which two wrestlers reveal the strongest field in the round. The sport originates from Japan and is considered one of the martial arts. Sumo tradition started in ancient times, so every match is accompanied by numerous rituals.

    Basic rules.

    Two basic rules are used to determine the winner of each bout: the first touching the ground with any part of the body other than the feet is a loser. Referring to the first ground outside the circle is a loser.

    Occasionally the judge declares a winner opponent first touched the ground. This occurs when both players hit the ground at the same time, and the judge decided that the one who touched the ground second had no chance to win, in other words, he was in a hopeless position.

    Most matches last only a few seconds, as usually one of the fighters quickly supplanted other out of the circle. Although, sometimes a match can last for several minutes. In sumo, the determining factor is the weight, so the sumo wrestlers are known for their huge mass.

    Golf struggle - Doha.

    Golf sumo wrestling is a platform 34 - 60 cm in height, called Doha. Dohyo made from clay and covered with a thin layer of sand. The match takes place in a circle of 4.55 meters in diameter, the boundaries of which are laid rice straw. In the center of Doha has two white stripes indicating the starting position of the wrestlers. Sand around Doha carefully leveled before each fight to the tracks in the sand you can determine whether the touched one of the rival land outside Doha.

    Origin of sumo.

    The origins are lost in sumo history. Sumo is mentioned in the ancient Japanese texts dating from the 8th century, called Suman. In addition to its basis of destination, sumo ritual associated with the Shinto religion. To this day, in some monasteries can be seen ritual battle between man and God.

    Sumo was an important ritual of the imperial court. Representatives from all provinces were to participate in the competition at the court. It is believed that the modern marketplace for sumo - Doha appeared around the 16th century.

    Interesting facts.

    In some countries close to Japan, such as Mongolia and Korea, the common types of combat, similar to sumo. According to one version, until the 16th century analogue Doha located on a hill, and beyond it were the sharp stakes. Historical data confirm the presence of this kind of "sport", but it is not clear whether it has relevance to sumo.



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