Sports - Parachuting.

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    Sports - Parachuting

    The first formation in parachuting:

    Date: January 16, 1972
    Location: Perris Valley, California
    2x Twin Beaches 1 and C-206
    Dropping height: 14,500 feet
    Extension height: 3,000 feet
    Organizer: Jerry Bird.

    In January 72nd Jerry Bird discussed with friends the possibility of a record jump from building a big "stars." Date of the event was chosen on January 15-16. Then he contacted Jerry Kerman owned airport Perris Valley, received from the latter consent to the nearest weekend. Kerman provided two aircraft Beech and one C-206. In addition, the parachutists were granted discounts. Each day was planned 3 jump. Bird invited from 25-30 paratroopers from Southern California to 8-30 in the morning.

    Speech started 15 paratroopers. Then the retention time of the formation does not really matter. At 10 am, attended by 22 athletes, and Byrd decided to collect 22-way formation, t. To. Previous record was 21 first jump was gorgeous. All 22 parachutist came and held a star for 6 seconds. There were a few tough approaches, but overall it was good.

    The second jump was more impressive. Planned formation of 25-way. During the climb at Joy Falk, which came out the second of the lead aircraft, grabbing the reserve parachute. He picked it up and moved toward the cockpit. The remaining parachutists separated as planned. Star was going fine until the parachutist at number 12 Sloppy approach with subsequent capture after tough - and the star was transformed into a figure shaped like a horseshoe.

    Bill Stedzh vspuh to the scene and took the resulting gap. Was collected star of 23 people - one of the paratroopers approached by the time extensibility. On jump number 3 were high expectations as the paratroopers just built one after the other two 22-way «Star." At this time, the star was going slower. Only 21 athlete came to form a sloppy "star", which is held for long. Courtesy of Jerome Kern and his wife at the end of the day parachutists had a big party with champagne.

    During the first jump Sunday, a group of paratroopers, full of high expectations, made an attempt to collect the 26-way. Overloaded plane caused the long climb. Managed to reach only 12,500 feet. Inside the aircraft, it was pandemonium, the separation took longer. Was collected from the star 8. After the star was complemented by another 13-year-paratroopers located nearby. This was followed by desynchronization, opening and landing. This jump as if reminded the group of paratroopers, "modest, boys."

    Bird removed two athletes from taking off, so planes could gain more height. 10 paratroopers was taken in the leading plane and 11 in the slave. To do this, jump up to 14,500 feet. Branch went smoothly. Kruger Brothers quickly gathered base. Without going to catch the star under 14. Star slightly to "breathe", while when Sam Alexander lined with camera and went to his place in the formation. The following three paratroopers came without any problems. Chuck came up hard and pushed one side of the star inside. All continued to hold the star.

    During approach Byrd she swayed. The next two came up with no problems. Steve had some trouble, but he successfully stopped and stood in its place. Then Warren also known as the Black Knight, locked the star at an altitude of 3,800 feet. Star kept to a height of 3,000 feet. Were heard shouts and cries of parachutists in the air and the audience on the ground. It was a new record - 24-way. They exceeded 22-way record set the previous day. In the final jump was an attempt to collect the 25-way. This jump not gone smoothly. Was collected only 15-way. Extension athletes began at an altitude of about 7,000 feet.

    Types of parachuting.

    Extreme sports - is a human activity, competence and skills is below the required level, that this activity was safe. It's almost forgotten hard landings and 18-pound rucksacks amphibious monster, feeling the weight of which is not something that fly, and do not want to live. Became unnecessary weeks of training, and the height of 800 meters at today's paratroopers laughable. Characteristics of the new generation of parachutes fully justify their name - the "wings". Area - 8.6 m. m, while turning 180 degrees - 3 seconds, the speed - up to 100 km \ h.

    And most importantly - a rare "wunderkind" will not be able to learn how to manage the "wing." Although, apart from skills, the parachutist is desirably present sober head both literally and figuratively. Jumping on the accuracy of a landing - the oldest type of parachuting. Even then, in the 60s, when the first-run round parachutes appeared and jumping on the accuracy of landing. At the time, the task was landing at 100 meter circle, where the deviation of 80 meters was a good result, but now it is 0 inches, or as they say - "zero". Today there are special parachutes for the accuracy of landing.

    Freefall as a kind of parachuting appeared as the same for a long time as well as jumping on a precision landing. If jumping on - is the ability to control the dome, the acrobatics - the ability to control your body to flow in a free fall. This ability to control his body in a horizontal plane (circling) and rotations in the vertical plane (doing flips). For more than 20 years, these exercises were the basis of international and national competitions. Subsequently, this combination has been called "a classic parachuting."

    Formation Skydiving is now the most common discipline of parachuting both in Ukraine and in the world. Since the early seventies, small, and then all the large groups of people began to build various figures in free fall, flying together in the air and taking each other's feet and hands. First it was the usual round of star. Then, these figures became more and more difficult. Increased height of the jump and freefall. Were developed competitive program.

    CRW is one of the most spectacular views of parachuting. The first attempts to build a shape of the domes enthusiasts do another round parachutes. With the advent of parachute-wing fantasy enthusiasts have been implemented. Athletes build figures and performed various Rebuild disclosed parachutes carrying grips domes or sling arms and legs.

    Skayserfing - is a form of parachuting. It all started with the fact that the French parachutist Joel Crusiani makes the first jump on the board standing on her position surfers (ie,. E. Standing on the board feet). He used ordinary water board for surfing (!) Defined it mounts on a snowboard. First pose parachutist jumping on board was like a modern pose fall skayserfera!

    Freestyle as a sport began to develop in 1990, when the first competition in this sport. Of course, that as an amateur jumping, it has existed since the 80's, when some enthusiasts became interested in trying not only fall on the belly. Thanks to the energy and passion of enthusiasts freestyle shows the endless possibilities of a person to express themselves with the movement. In the air made all worked out in the assessment of the value of art movements.

    Free-fly, as a sport, take a position almost recently. In November 2000, Eloe (Arizona, USA) was the first cup on friflayu. Founder friflaya is Olav Zipster, although other skydivers in the early 90s began to explore this direction is parallel to Olav. In the 95-98 years of free-lovers hopped fly, sitflay already had special overalls jumping on sit-fly.

    Who is the most progressive in the direction of Ukraine and worldwide. In Ukraine, may be even more paratroopers would be engaged in stock-flaem if their equipment in line with safety rules for jumping on the free-fly. In 2002, the year on the 2nd World Air Games, held in the city of Granada (Spain), free-fly acted as a separate type of parachuting in the group artistically directions.

    Swoop - long span above the ground when landing. With the advent of high-speed elliptical domes appeared and the possibility of building a high-speed approach and flown above the ground. For this discipline, some manufacturers even produce special dome. This highly technical acceleration dome to the ground. Swoop, as well as the Dome acrobatics, is one of the most dangerous, but at the same time spectacular discipline in skydiving. Since 1999, the competition is held on the speed and the length of the flight and during the competition on the water - and in terms of accuracy.

    Para-Ski - no, it's not jumping with skis as you might think from the name. This is a combined event where athletes first skydive for precision landing - classic parachuting, and the second part of the competition is the race for a certain distance on skis. Competitions this type of parachuting began conducted at a time when there were competitions in jumping on a precision landing. This kind of parachuting competitions and it is now.

    BASE jumping - it's more than just a psychological sport parachuting. More than half of jumps performed informally and illegally (violation of public order - from the words of the guardians of law and order). It jumps from static objects. BASE - a reduction of 4 words, Russian translation of which means: tall buildings and skyscrapers, towers and antennas, high bridges and cliffs.

    Parabaluning - it's not just jumping with the ball for the sake of self-interest, is the kind of sport of biathlon. The task is as follows: The pilot must hit the target not only a marker - tape length of 160 and a small weight attached to her weight in '70, and a paratrooper, a team of two people. To do this, the pilot has two conditions -letet as low as possible, but not less than 1000m. t. To. need height to jump parachute. In May, 2003. Ukraine was the first Cup parabaluningu in Feodosia, Crimea.

    Blade Running - parachuting, which is somewhat related to the discipline swoop. As a destination, began to develop in the early 90s. In this sport jumping from a low altitude, or do not jump at all, and their main objective - to fly down the hill, keeping at a distance of 0.5-2 meters away, to fly as far as possible, maneuvering between the flags and developing at the same average speed of 100 km / hr.



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