Sports - Skateboarding.

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    Sports - Skateboarding

    Skateboarding was born in California, USA in the fifties of the last century. And in 1959 came the first commercially Skateboard Roller Derby. He vaguely resembled that in our time we used to call the board. The resemblance was only available for the wheels and deck, which at the time was an ordinary board without creases.

    Skateboarding interested many adolescents perceived as "a board with wheels" only as a means of transportation. They rode skateboards to school, to the beach, and so on. N. Greg Carroll, in 1964 it was necessary to be able to a little bit - just to stand steadily on the board and go around obstacles. First, who took seriously the new buzz for youth culture - Larry Stevenson (Larry Stevenson), mean while the magazine Surf Guide. It was he who in the sixties began to actively promote the newly sport to the masses.

    In 1963, the company was Makaha designed the first professional skateboarding. That is what prompted the competitions in skateboarding among adolescents. The first competition took place at Pier Avenue about an ordinary school in Hermosa, California. Began to appear skateboard team. The most well-known at the time were «Super surfer skateboard team», they showed incredible things at the time: a ride on his hands, jumping from a curb.

    Skateboarding is gaining momentum, and in 1964 there was the first magazine about skateboarding «Skateboarder», which was founded by the guys from the magazine «Surfer». In the same year founded the first skateboard company - Hobie skateboards, founded by Hobie Alter (Hobie Alter), last star of surfing. He was the first to promote skating in the streets. Mid-sixties - a peak of popularity of skateboarding. For three years the company has sold more than Makaha 50 million boards. Every Californian city could see a teenager with skateboard.

    Replaced by a wave of popularity came the wave of recession. For unknown reasons, all subsequent 8 years skateboarding was noticeable only in small American cities on the west coast. There he continued to exist. The second revival of skateboarding relate to 1974. This is due to the improvement of production technologies and pendants deck. Companies Bennet and Tracker constructed a new type of suspension, allowing to engage more professional skateboarding. There are ideas for improving the bearings and suspension, due to which it was possible to do grind. Were used polyurethane wheels.

    Skateboarder Magazine opens America Riders like Bruce Logan (Bruce Logan), Russ Howell (Russ Howell), Stacey Peralta (Stacy Peralta), Tom Sims (Tom Sims) and Greg Weaver (Gregg Weaver). Many of them later founded their companies, such as Vision / Sims and Powell Peralta. Now every skater wanted to ride as they are known to be the same.

    In 1976, Florida was built first professional skatepark, which made it possible to skate on the board in any weather. Around the same time gaining popularity Street Style, ie street style skating. Boards became wider, allowing skaters to do tricks easier and more stable. Become more and more tricks, and therefore show great interest in skating.

    In the late seventies in the United States real estate crisis struck, and hundreds of homes and swimming pools have been abandoned. For riding on the board, these pools were very comfortable, because they had rounded wall. Thus was born a new style of Pool Skating, t. E. Skating in the pool, and later began to build a ramp, which gave rise to skateboarding vert-(riding the rail).

    In 1978, Alan Gelfand (Alan Gelfand) learned to jump the rail without using their hands, so there was the first trick "ollie» (ollie), and Rodney Mullen (Rodney Mullen), who proposed to bend the ends of the deck was able to do this trick on a flat surface, thereby skateboarding moved to a higher level of development. This trick was the foundation of the modern skateboard.

    And after all this, again, calm ... Skateboarding began to lose ground, apparently due to appear, for BMX and roller. Closed many skate parks and skateboard company.

    In 1981, Thrasher magazine published an article about a small skateboard contests with cash prizes. This was the reason for the next revival of skateboarding. A year later, Tony Hawk (Tony Hawk) wins his first competition in Del Mar Skate Ranch. Later, he became the world champion in the vertical skateboarding, and is now a living legend. He came up with many tricks, some of which can only perform it to this day.

    1983 gave America one of the most popular magazines on a skateboard «Transworld Skateboarding». For the first time a magazine of this kind could subscribe. In 1984, a skateboard company Powell Peralta released the first skateboard video «Bones Brigade». In the mid-eighties there shoes and clothing for skateboarding Airwalk, Vans, Vision / Sims, Santa Cruz. Now skaters dressed in clothes with logos skate brands and rode in a specially designed for skateboarding shoes.

    By the end of the 80s, many skaters began to leave their sponsors in order to open their own company. One of the first people was Steve Rocco (Steve Rocco), who founded World Industries. It is Steve and some of his friends have given rise to the "new school" of skateboarding, based on the ollie, flip tricks and skilful. In the early 90's came again a wave of failures and the economic crisis, which resulted in many small companies simply bent.

    In 1992, there was one more skateboard magazine - Big Brother, known for its extraordinary material feed readers, and articles like "How to commit suicide" in 1995 swept the world of the fourth and final wave of popularity that continues to this day. At the same time, and were orgazovany Extreme Games (Extreme Games). Now the wave has swept the world of skateboarding and skate on to become one of the most popular extreme sports.

    That's the whole history of skateboarding, it has had its ups and downs. The only thing that will always remain - people boundlessly devoted to this case. And it will disappear if skateboarding in the future or will be developed further, depends on each skater.



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