Sports - Freestyle.

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  • Freestyle.


    Sports - Freestyle

    Freestyle (eng. Free style - free, free style) - ski-round, which consists of ski ballet, air (ski) mogul and acrobatics. In ski ballet athlete down a gentle slope under the musical score, showing sliding elements, steps, spins, jumps. In the air (ski) acrobatics athletes with specially contoured ramp make a series of different complexity jumps and flips.

    Ramps come in three varieties: large (height 3.5 m, the slope of 65 degrees); average (3.2 m, 63 °); small (2.1 m, 55 °). Landing area should be covered with powdery snow. Points are awarded for the separation technique, the height and length of the flight, the shape of the elements and a touchdown. Mogul - downhill skiing on uneven Trues ce (slope of 27 degrees), complicated obyazatelnput vsholneniem two jumps. The program of the Olympic Winter Games since 1992 (men and women) - just a mogul, since 1994 included ski acrobatics.


    - Aerial acrobatics men;
    - Aerial acrobatics women;
    - Mogul women;
    - Mogul men.

    Terms freestyle

    Modern freestyle - a ski-round, of three kinds: Moguls, Aerials and ski ballet. Status of an Olympic sport and have a mogul ski acrobatics. Mogul - downhill skiing on a rugged slope in the most accurate line length up to 250 m with the mandatory execution of two jumps. Aerials - two jump from a special ramp with vpopneniem acrobatic elements. Ski ballet - figure skating to the music within 2-2.5 minutes on the slope up to 250 m and a width of 35 m.

    In all disciplines of freestyle judges evaluate the formulation and complexity of the flight, technical skill, artistry of execution. Terms freestyle competitions were approved by the FIS in 1978, the same year the international competitions in freestyle were brought to the rank of the World Cup, and in 1986 Congress approved FIS Engelberg in the Swiss city hosted the first official World Championship.

    History freestyle.

    Freestyle - young sport. Freestyle is the ancestor of ski acrobatics. In European countries, it was called "Freestyle", which translated to English means "free, free style." The exact date of birth of the sport called pretty hard. It is considered that the history of freestyle in the form in which it exists now, starts from 1971 th da first official freestyle competitions, which were organized in New Hampshire (USA).

    Before that was a freestyle exclusively commercial enterprise: it was a mountain show designed to entertain vacationing public and financial gains. In 1926, Germany had the first book devoted entirely to the ski ballet. Its author was a skier and mountaineer Dr. Fritz Ruel.

    In the book, he first described several complicated maneuvers on skis that are more than forty years later, formed the basis of the ski ballet. In 1966 in Colorado (USA), founded the first school for the training of specialists ski ballet. Its head Gre e stny skier and theorist of skiing out Pfeyf D ep subsequently united the separate areas of free riding in a single sport.

    In 1911 the newspaper "Moscow News" reported that on Sundays on the Sparrow Hills in Moscow lovers gather jumping from among the members of the Moscow club skiers, and the most dexterous, fly so far as to have time to take off in flight jacket. The first, who performed a somersault on skis before a specially assembled audience was John Carleton, a member of the USA national team for the Northern decathlon at the Olympic Games in Chamonix (1924).

    In our country, the first flip on skis was executed in 1927 Later, when skiing has become widespread on the slopes for skiing in large numbers began to form mounds of snow - "Mogul" - the result turns skiers on the same trajectory. On these hilly roads - "mogul parks" - skiers began to hold competitions for special downhill. This third discipline poluchipa name "Mogul".



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