Sport Training - Factors affecting the sporting achievements.

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  • Factors affecting the sporting achievements.


    Sport Training - Factors affecting the sporting achievements

    Sporting achievement, are typically characterized by a victory over an opponent scored, goals, points; demonstration of the results expressed in terms of time, distance, weight, accuracy, hitting the target, a quality performance of complex motor combinations to assess their composition and so on. d.

    Sport is unthinkable without the desire for the highest (absolute) achievements, which are a kind of benchmark for evaluation of reserve possibilities of both the individual and the community of people in general. However, the characteristics of sport and its performance as a sports achievements lie in the fact that if today the absolute achieve the strength to a small group of outstanding athletes, in a few years they have become known to more and more concerned with the broad masses.

    Sporting achievements are determined by three groups of factors: individual factors (the first group), scientific and technical progress (the second group) and socio-economic factors (the third group). Individual gifts athlete. Modern science distinguishes the makings of talent and abilities. Classes in any sport require the development of certain human abilities, which are expressed in the individual characteristics of the person, is a condition for the successful implementation of one or more activities. It should be noted that the capacity can not be reduced to knowledge, skills and abilities, and are found in the speed, depth and strength of mastering methods and techniques of a particular activity.

    Innately conditioned component abilities is talent. It provides a person the opportunity to the successful implementation of the corresponding activities. In relation to sports, you can talk about the physical and mental qualities and traits of the individual, ensuring the success of the implementation of certain competitive activities. Cleverness is gradually becoming the main criterion for the transition involved in sports schools from one group to another, from one team to another, higher rank.

    At the heart of the development of certain abilities and sports are some inclinations, which are defined as congenital anatomical and physiological and mental characteristics. However, the highest level of the various faculties of man is always the result of its development in the process of rational construction activity and sport - training system. By themselves, the makings of a person can only contribute to the development of abilities. And this requires directed education, development and training. Thus, the makings of a man combined with the talent at the optimal pedagogical impact, and in some cases the use of the experience accumulated by previous generations given the opportunity to develop certain skills.

    In assessing athletic ability coach faces three key points:

    - The composition of abilities to a certain kind of sport;

    - Objective and the earlier estimate each person these abilities to predict features of the course of its further improvement;

    - Ways in which to achieve the formation of these abilities if they are not well developed, or to compensate for them than if they are low.

    The degree of preparedness for sporting achievements. Crucial, defining achievement of high results, has targeted training athlete. Directionally influencing the natural inclinations, coach achieves the necessary development of abilities athlete to ensure progress in the chosen sport. In this case, the main condition is a big dedication athlete expressed in purposeful training and achieving the main and intermediate (landmark) purposes.

    One of the prerequisites in this case are significant costs on self-improvement efforts athlete. Not one of the most gifted athletes will not be able to achieve great results without hard work. In this regard, athletic achievement - a "useful indicator of the size of the cost of effort athlete at self-improvement, an indicator of its success in this way."

    Currently training load and overall time in the preparation of athletes reach significant values. Suffice it to say that in various sports total time spent in training and competition, ranges from 800 to 1500 hours per year. In certain sports disciplines practiced three-and four-time training sessions a day.

    All this places high demands on mental qualities and properties of the individual athlete. Only highly motivated to achieve the athlete can withstand such loads with high dedication and demands of himself. Thus, the degree of preparedness of the athlete depends on the effective use of their training and competitive systems, as well as the consciousness of the importance of public and private sports activities and motives that form the purpose of this activity, which ensures the progress of sporting achievements.

    Effectiveness of the system of training an athlete is determined by the following factors: modern methods of training; rational system of competitions; using advanced techniques and tactics; logistics; scientific and methodical, biomedical and information support of athletes, coaches, doctors and others.

    The first place in this group of factors take scientific and methodological principles of sports training. Only on the basis of current scientific data processed in methodological developments and recommendations and found their place in the structure of sports training, we can talk about the effectiveness of training an athlete. Significant role in the training process is played by athletes and recovery methods after high training and competitive pressures, as well as techniques to enhance their athletic performance.

    On the effectiveness of the system of training an athlete affect the development and application of high-quality inventory, equipment, footwear, clothing, safety equipment, exercise equipment (mechanical, electromechanical, electronic) of various designs and purposes.

    An important point in improving the effectiveness of the system of training athletes is to improve their tactical and technical training. In many sports, tactical and technical training are dominant parties skills for the success of the entire system. From the timely development of new elements and combinations of tactics ultimately determines the level of sporting achievement.

    The scope of the sports movement and to ensure its staff. The efficiency of the sport in any country depends on factors such as the scale of the sports movement. Sociological and statistical analysis shows that the more people included in the exercise, the greater the number of athletes in the sport goes, and this, in turn, increases the competitiveness among them and reflected on sports results.

    The increase in mass sports activities related to social conditions of society and to the preparation of the necessary experts: coaches, trainers, teachers, doctors, workers and other sports facilities. Qualifications these professionals largely contributes to the sporting achievements in the total mass involved, but also in highly skilled and outstanding athletes.

    Social conditions of the sports movement and its economic security. Level sporting achievements of a country largely depends on the conditions of material life of society, which play a major role in determining the overall human life. The total level of achievement in many sports, cultivated in different countries correlated with indicators of material well-being of the people, as well as indicators of life expectancy, literacy, and the total number of man.

    At the same time, developing countries with low economic potential can successfully develop two or three of the sport, reflecting the ethnic and geographical characteristics of the population and its traditions. Examples of this are the runners in Ethiopia and Kenya, Latin American boxers, football players and other African countries. However, the development of many popular and popular sports in the complex beyond the power of these countries due to the economic conditions of society.

    Sporting achievements reflect the success of man to improve their abilities and are an indicator of the development of sport and physical culture and that of society as a whole.



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