Sport lifestyle - healthy image of life.

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  • The image of a healthy life.


    Sport lifestyle - healthy image of life

    What you need to do to survive comfortably working day and in the evening crawls into bed dead tired and broken? As international experience shows, you need to give yourself at least a little time, and the result will not be slow in coming. Suitable as pets, training, and all sorts of workout in the gym. The main thing - that the loads were regular, 2-3 times a week, but without excessive fanaticism. Then the fitness classes will benefit. Increase mood, alertness appears, muscles become elastic and improve appearance.

    Tae-Bo - power aerobics stars.

    HOW in the world cuisine is considered to be the most fashionable peep fusion cuisine, fearlessly mixing in one dish, for example, mango, chicken liver, feijoa and cinnamon, and fitness one of the latest hits is considered Tae-Bo: a combination of elements of aerobics and Korean martial arts taekwondo. Tae-Bo came up with American actor Billy Blanks, a well-known fact that in the 80 years of the last century, successfully acted in films with martial arts.

    One day he decided to complete his training taekwondo music for aerobics. Thus was born a new kind of fitness sports. One of the first Tae-Bo to test a Paula Abdul, it did not hesitate to follow the example of Pamela Anderson, Madonna, Brooke Shields, Jennifer Aniston and other stars of the movie and show business. In Tae-Bo is no direct physical contact.

    During training in Tae-Bo you gain a stronger will and learn to focus. At the same time effortlessly part with extra calories, and hence with kilograms. Training for Tae-Bo begins with calm and slow exercises, then the tempo increases, and the curtain - again calming rhythm. As a result, your vitality soars to its highest altitude above: Star knows how to lift your spirits!


    55-YEAR veteranka New York Running Marathon June Norman started running 25 years ago, when some of her generation to engage in their own health was not accepted. Mass "running" boom started later. But June despised public distrust, not run longer and now looks at least 10 years younger. Their children and grandchildren, it recommends to fight the main enemy - laziness - a very simple and effective way: one day just go out in a tracksuit and sneakers, and run at least 15 minutes.

    "And then you will not want to miss a terrific sense of fun, which covers you whenever you run" - says June. Running lowers cholesterol and blood sugar, improves the performance of the vessels and the heart, normalizes blood pressure. Clarified brains, comes with either a incomparable peace of mind.

    After a half-hour jog even morning crush transport ceases to be perceived as a natural disaster. By the way, the Danish scientists meticulously calculated that at least half of the outstanding scientific discoveries of the twentieth century it was "on the run". In general, "when you knew of any race" increases health, would immediately climbed on the mezzanine of the shoe. By the way, this article was also invented on the run.

    Group spinning: we're going, going, going.

    GROUP spinning - it is not a collective throwing rods into the river. Leave an exciting experience for men. Moreover, they do not improve the shape. Spinning - from the word «spin», which means "to rotate, twist." Is the name of a very popular ocean view group aerobic exercise on a stationary bike indoors.

    Where can I go during spinning?

    With an experienced instructor and in good company - quite far.

    What are the advantages of group spinning?

    fat is burned faster than aerobics and exercises on a treadmill (45 minutes "flies" about 500 calories). Velotrening useful to all, regardless of the level of athletic training. No need to learning the special moves, just sat down - and went. Together pedaling fun: hour group lessons with music fly by. And try, on the spot, scroll same hour pedal all alone! The main thing - do not overdo it with the load. The tempo can be (and should!) To change - in fact in the nature you have to go and uphill and downhill.

    All - swim!

    The ancient Greek philosopher Plato believed uneducated people who do not know how to swim. Of course, it was easy to talk to him, sitting in the first place, the birthplace of the Olympic Games, and even on the warm Mediterranean Sea. Many people are mostly land, the sea is good if selected once a year. And yet there is always a way out - the pool. For the fair sex is now saved.

    No other sport is not useful to the ladies as swimming. Not to mention what a pleasure - to demonstrate a new swimsuit. Swimming uses almost all muscle groups, relieves general stress with a tired body. It strengthens the spine, knees and hips, treats the joints (for example, helps to cope with arthritis). Since the resistance of the water is 10 times higher than the resistance of air, the calories burned in the water a quarter more than at the time of land sports activities.

    Women regulyanoe swimming pool reduces the risk of osteoporosis by as much as 50%! Swimming - beautiful view of the load and sports for pregnant women. Finally, swimming - excellent prevention of thrombophlebitis and other problems with the veins, so characteristic of our computer-sedentary century. When navigating the vein walls stronger, improves skin tone and elasticity of blood vessels. By the way, the mother of four children, actress Meryl Streep swims every day kilometer. And it looks - perfect!



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