Sport lifestyle - most easy victory - a victory over him.

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  • The most easy victory - a victory over him.


    How often parents tipped their children career - will be rich and famous - and can not assess the real potential of their child. But not all kids have a special sporting temperament and good physical health. In addition, the athlete's life is not so easy and cloudless appears on TV screens.

    Of course, over the years have been developed specific selection criteria. Coach draws attention to the child's body type, check the degree of flexibility of the baby, the level of coordination, muscle strength, speed of response and decides whether he will be engaged with this child or not. Requirements for the future champion in each sport their own. Coach tennis looks to see if the baby has a powerful ability to force action. A figure skating coach draws attention to the figure of the child: the more is miniature baby, so it is easier to perform slozhnokoordinirovannyh movement. By the way, fine motor coordination, and require a high jump or long, pushing the disc or nucleus.

    In various areas of athletics, for example, need to have a completely different characters: sprinters (short-distance runners) should have an explosive character, as soon as possible to cover the distance of 100-200 meters, and staery (distance runners) must have endurance. Champion sprinter will never be able to achieve much success in long-distance running is associated with endocrinology and biochemistry of the body.

    In addition, important and emotional child. If a baby pin, it is better to engage in team sports such as football or basketball. If recessed into itself, it is more suitable figure skating, skiing, swimming, track and field athletics. When it comes to sports, as physical education, health maintenance, the sooner the better. Already 3-4 years old baby can be put on or take skiing to the pool. Child at least learn to feel your body and learn how to keep your back straight and head. And this is already done.

    Making a 4-year old child athlete - a huge responsibility. In sports clinic come to survey the players who engage in 7-8 years. They train 6 times a week for 1.5 hours. Not every kid is able to withstand such loads. As a result, there is a natural attrition of children, as many do not have enough forces and to study, and constant training.

    Therefore, when a child complains of fatigue and parents refused to go to the next activity, it is not lazy - just had no more strength. The child does not have time to rest and recover. Psychophysiology of his body is not able to withstand heavy daily load that another child suffers quietly. So parents need to closely monitor the state of the baby: tired if he poured out whether, and most importantly - what mood goes to the gym.

    In addition, there are children apparently fit and healthy, but the soul is very sensitive. These kids do not stand the emotional stress and the world with its strongest competition is very fierce. It will be better at this age take a child to a private section of the swimming, gymnastics, figure skating, skiing - commercial sections softer atmosphere and not so busy schedule of classes.

    Besides these sports develop strength, coordination, attention give comprehensive physical development. After three or four months, it is important for parents to ask the kid if he liked the class. If the workout he really liked, but still happy with the coach, then you can send your child to a professional sport. Provided, however, that he will attend classes with pleasure, otherwise difficult to sustain the ever-increasing mental and physical stress.

    I recently brought to me 9-year-old karate. Parents dream to make him a champion, and this kid is on the way from school to the gym and riding in the car ... sleeping. In addition, it is often a headache. Well, what of it athlete? He would have had enough strength normally learn in school. For people with very bad eyesight professional sport is also closed. If myopia is more than minus five, severe physical stress are contraindicated, as well as with other serious congenital diseases, cardiac disorders.

    Swimming - is bracing and tempering sport - it can be called the most healthy and effective. The horizontal position of the body work of the heart easier, which makes it possible to maintain long-term exercise. Furthermore, swimming requires rhythmic breathing, movement and breathing - two major health component. By the way for children with asthma swimming - real medicine, a cure. So, the sooner the child will be given to engage in swimming, the healthier it will be.

    Of course, in every sport there are typical injuries. So, the players often damaged hip and knee joints. In basketball the most affected arm and shoulder due to the powerful muscular effort may even torn ligaments. Wrestlers characterized breaks ears and cervical spine injury for skaters - Achilles tendon injury.

    Generally, the injury of an athlete - a protective reaction of the body to exhaustion. I alone remember how after the next lesson the whole body aches, crushes terrible fatigue, and the next day you want-nehochesh have to go to the gym, no other choice. The body is depleted, the body and the brain athlete require rest, and doctors and coaches do not pay attention. However, if a "chase", you can get seriously injured or ill with a sore throat for three days prior to the event - it is a consequence of chronic fatigue.

    When a person is involved in sports, he must learn to feel your body, understand when to stop training and rest. About it and parents should think. In fact, probably no father or mother does not want their child was in the hospital.

    There are general principles of nutrition of athletes. Wrestlers, swimmers, gymnasts need to consume a lot of protein foods: meat, fish, eggs, since these sports require strong efforts in a short period of time. 46 seconds swimmer overcomes 100 meters or 40 seconds, the gymnast makes the combination that requires strength, concentration and fine coordination.

    But the runners and skiers almost vegetarians as for meat digestion need huge energy costs, which runners or skiers spend much slower than the wrestlers or swimmers. In these sports requires enormous stamina for a long period of time, and not powerful jerks. However, protein food runners and skiers also eat, just the percentage of plant food they have a lot more. Athlete diet must be rich, and high-calorie foods as a person experiences severe physical and emotional stress.



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