Sport lifestyle - Union of body and soul.

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  • Union of body and soul.


    Sport lifestyle - Union of body and soul

    First results with the right approach to yoga classes will be visible after 2 months: get stronger muscles, improve stretch, stabilizes internal organs, normal emotional state. The main thing is not to forget, yoga - exercise, requiring patience and perseverance.

    Yoga is better in the morning, but it is possible and in the evening. Need to do the exercises on an empty stomach. 10 minutes before classes allowed to drink warm liquids (tea or weak coffee). Exercises should be done in a free, freedom of movement to the clothes, on the mat or on a flat, non-slip surface. The optimal schedule of classes - in a day, 2-3 times a week. Before proceeding with the basic yoga asanas, it is necessary to do an exercise that will help to tune in to the class:

    Sit cross-legged "in Turkish," Put your hands on your knees - palms down. Straighten your back. Pull your shoulders back and straighten the spine, including the neck, to the top of the head. Try not to reduce the blade. Keeping your back straight, close your eyes. Quiet breathing - it should be smooth. Stay a few minutes in silence.

    Exercise № 1. Pose mountains.

    Strengthens the respiratory system, stimulates circulation and helps improve posture. Starting position - standing, feet together, hands - along the body, palms facing inward. Back straight, shoulders are summarized. Hands should stretch to the toes, straighten the neck, the head, pull up and hold it in this position for about 15 seconds while breathing should be smooth. Need to feel the tension throughout the body, and then completely relax.

    Exercise № 2. tree pose.

    Strengthens the leg muscles, increases the mobility of the shoulder joints and wrists. Stand up and connect with the foot. Interlace fingers and turn palms outward (thumbs up while pointing down). Straighten your arms and with an inhalation, lift them up, stretching the entire body. With each breath, pulling harder, but well push the heel to the floor. Exhale - lower your arms down. Change the interlocking fingers (other index finger should be on top of the weave) and repeat. On the exhale - lower your arms down and relax. Time position - 30 seconds per interlacing fingers.

    Exercise № 3. Pose "elongated triangle."

    This posture helps to reduce weight, making the pelvis more mobile, relieves back pain, helps with respiratory diseases. Stand up and connect with the foot. Take a breath and jump forward with your feet to the width of a little more than a meter. Stretch your arms to the side and turn the left foot inside the right foot - out. Inhale and exhale scroll down and grab right ankle hand. Point your shoulders back, pull the neck, turn your head and look at your left thumb.

    Take a breath and go. Expand the foot to the center - turn right foot inside, and left foot out. Repeat the pose to the other side. Inhale, lift and expand the foot to the center. On the exhale, jump legs connect. When performing this exercise, you will not get a hand to the ankle, place the palm of one foot on some support (for example, the seat of the chair). Time position - 30 seconds on each side.

    Exercise № 4. Pose "hero face down."

    Relaxes and soothes the body. Sit on your heels and spread your knees apart. Palm put in front of knees. Inhale and exhale, sliding his hands forward, stretch your arms. Lower the forehead on the floor. With every breath - slide your palms away from you forward, stretching the body. Relax your abdomen and neck. Inhale and sit on your heels to the starting position.

    Time in a pose - about 1 minute. After you follow these basic yoga asanas you can gradually begin to familiarization of the famous lotus posture, the performance of which must have been the initial skills and stretching.

    Exercise № 5. lotus posture.

    Has diverse effects on the body - refreshes, strengthens leg muscles, calms the nervous system and improves the emotional state. Starting position - sitting on a mat or a flat pillow, spine straight. Bend the right leg at the knee, his hands take your foot and put it on the sole of the left thigh up. Right knee when it should be pressed to the floor.

    Then, similarly to bend the left leg at the knee, take your foot and put it on the right thigh. Back, head and neck at the same time should be straight. To master this pose to be careful and make sure you first need to perform stretching exercises. This position - one of the main yoga and one of the main during meditation.



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