Sports Lifestyle - Choose your fitness.

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  • Choose your fitness.


    Sports Lifestyle - Choose your fitness

    Healthy lifestyle, of course, good. But sometimes, fascinated fitness, you risk causing exacerbation of chronic disease. Or instead of losing weight to gain muscle mass. Therefore, it is important to choose the right type of training. Out in modern directions helps sports physician network Orange Fitness clubs Anna Shabelnik.


    A set of exercises created about a hundred years ago by a German doctor and trainer Joseph Pilates. Used for the rehabilitation of the wounded on the battlefield and for the dancers, and then they carried away the Hollywood stars. The emphasis is on stretching and elaboration of superficial and deep muscles, promoting flexibility of joints, ligaments elasticity and endurance.

    In Pilates united western and eastern elements. And the thought exercise so that "skive" will not succeed. There are two types of Pilates: Exercise on the floor and work on simulators. What kind of variety is right for you, will help solve the coach depending on the state of your health.

    What gives? Pilates develops flexibility and strength of certain muscle groups. Useful for patients, particularly those undergoing spinal injury. Makes the body more flexible and lean. Warns sores and swelling. Stimulates biochemical processes and thus rejuvenates the body.


    There are several types. Fitness yoga or aerobics, yoga - one of the most popular and versatile types of training. Lessons are mainly to the correct body workout, meditation techniques are used, but very rarely. Focus on increasing flexibility, strengthen the back muscles and correct posture.

    Classical Yoga (Iyengar) - the most quiet and has no age restrictions. Helps to gain practical skills for relaxation and meditation, learn basic postures and teaches charge your body with energy. Hatha yoga. This exercise combined with proper breathing. Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga builds strength and endurance.


    "Skiing" (elliptical, ellipsoids). In contrast, exercise bikes, where he works, only the lower part of the body, on the ski busy hands and torso. The simulator is indicated in flabby muscles of the arms, flabby buttocks, waist problem. Recumbent exercise bikes. Recommended for those who suffer very overweight, and people with back injuries. Stairs (steppers). Primarily strengthen muscle groups of the lower body. Burn more calories than walking, jogging and bike. But in this case too overload the heart and lungs. Treadmill. Develops knees, ankles and waist. But if the lower back aches, with the "treadmill" is better not to get involved.


    Women with type of shape of an inverted triangle (broad shoulders, developed muscles of the arms and hips) may without fear of loading the lower part of the body (fit aerobics, jogging, tennis, ...). Ladies with a typically feminine forms (wide hips, heavy bottom) should prefer swimming, shaping, callanetics.

    For whom the doors closed in fitness?

    - There are absolute contraindications and time, - says Anna Shabel'nikov. - And the gym I would never imposed strict prohibitions. Of course, immediately after a heart attack or traumatic brain injury do in the gym is contraindicated. But after a year or two, you can return to light loads.

    Temporarily disable aerobics worth individuals in acute stages of cardiovascular disease, frequent attacks of asthma, severe inflammation, and mental illness. And people after recent injuries. When yoga is no absolute contraindications, but you should avoid some of the exercises for people with thrombophlebitis, eye diseases (cataract, glaucoma), ulcers, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the omission of the internal organs.

    Pathologies of the internal organs, hypertension, thrombophlebitis, problems with the spine, avoid strength training. Run prohibited for arrhythmia and traumatic brain injuries. Jump - in diseases of the joints. In epilepsy water aerobics and swimming are possible only at a shallow depth, and only under the supervision of an instructor. Also, water exercises are contraindicated in acute skin and respiratory diseases. But Pilates is probably the safest form of fitness. It came up at all for rehabilitation after diseases.



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